Growing up I had two passions; horses and the ocean. Lucky enough to have parents who shared my enthusiasm, I was able to enjoy both hobbies, riding and SCUBA diving, from an early age. My love of the ocean and all things equine followed me into my adult life.

I began my career in photography in Reno, NV working for a well respected studio, specializing in unique children’s portraits. A few years later a move to Lahaina, Maui put my photography career on hold for a short time. It wasn’t long before myr fascination with marine life and capturing images led me down a new path, underwater videography. I worked for several years on various charter boats taking video of the guests both on deck and snorkeling and diving the colorful reefs off of Maui and Lanai . During whale season, I was also lucky enough to spend time on deck filming Pacific humpback whales courting one another or swimming along with their new calves.

Eventually, I returned to Reno to continue my college education in media and resumed work taking children’s portraits. This led to another opportunity, where I worked as an assistant for a well known wedding and family photographer in a high end private studio. This allowed me to keep up a steady stream of shooting weddings and children on the side. It was time well spent further developing my eye and skill capturing more spontaneous moments with my human subjects.

A few more unexpected twists and turns in my life took me away from photos for awhile. Never one to stay behind a desk for long, I was off to Georgia to work as Business Manager for a world class Arabian Horse farm. No matter my path in life, life kept presenting me the opportunity to capture beautiful images. The need for eye catching marketing photos and video of sale horses sent me in yet another direction. The opportunity photograph amazingly elegant Arabians was opened to me and the concept of Art & Imagery was born. While I still enjoy photographing families and pets of all types, my focus has become artistic equine media to capture your attention and imagination.

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